Kill Pretty is an afterbirth soaked, twisted umbilical chord, botched circumcision birth defect of the finest quality. It's like popping a zit that has an ingrown hair in it. It's really gross and filled with puss and you're squeezing it and getting all red faced in the mirror and then POW a jack-in-the-box hair springs out and it makes your day. While the method and presentation may be grotesque, the end result is one of the finer things in life.  


You didn’t buy issue one, so shut up. Issue Two is more depraved, retarded and pathetic than the last one but at the same time looks more professional, slick and sexy than the last. So please, sit back and enjoy that big ass pimple on the side of your face. Rub it, probe it, massage it, and then blast it all over our magazine like a hairy Latino man blowing his load on a drugged out raver boy. Once you wipe away the pimple jizz check out the reduced rate of spelling errors as well as graffiti photos, pictures of things and places you wish you could experience, and a girl’s ass.



Kill Pretty Magic Staff