How did you start in porn?

I was working a nine to five job that I hated. I had moved to California from Arizona about a year before and was about a month away from having to move back home because I didn’t have money. I met a girl at a party who was a friend of a friend and she was a porn star. I didn’t realize at the time that she was just trying to make a finders fee off me. I thought she was so nice and talkative and super sweet. She was like, “yeah, let me hook you up and tell you all about it.” I didn’t know anything about porn so I thought if you were a pornstar you did everything. You do anal, you do gangbangs, you do all of it. She was like, “no, you can do masturbation videos or you can just do girl only!” That got me. The girl only part was like, “So they’re gonna give me a bunch of money and hot girls and I get to have sex with them? This is all I have to do?” I talked to my boyfriend at the time about it and I kind of had to convince him a little bit. It was more like, “I’m gonna do this!” So I signed with an agent and it was meant to be a temporary thing but after a while I really liked it and decided to keep going with it.

So the first one was girl on girl?

I did girl only for about a year and a half.

Had you already hooked up with girls in the past?

AO: Not really, I had a girlfriend in high school. We weren’t very out in the open about it. She was more my best friend kind of thing but we would just have sex when we had sleep overs. We wouldn’t go to school and hold hands or make out in front of the lockers or anything. I had a threesome with a girl before and made out with a bunch of girls but I was definitely very inexperienced in that, so that kind of appealed to me. Like an easy way to get laid by girls.

Did you learn a lot doing those first scenes?

AO: I learned A LOT doing porn, obviously. I must have gotten lucky because I’ve heard some pretty horrible stories. The girls were so nice about it being my first time, telling me what to do and how to do it. The premise for the movie was also, “this is our friend and she’s never done anything like this before” so I got to play that up. By the end of it I was getting fucked with a strap on and I was like, “Okay! Cool!”

Did you expect that going in?

No I didn’t! They told me they were going to use toys and stuff. About halfway through they cut and asked if they could use a strap on. I was like, “Sure, that sounds hot!” So this really tall, blonde, skinny girl was fucking me with a strap on.

Tell us about the first boy girl scene.

I was really nervous because I had been dating the same guy for a solid three years. He knew I was doing it and he didn’t like it. It was my decision and our relationship was kind of deteriorating. I was the sole breadwinner and I was sinking because I was only doing this girl-girl stuff. It was a mix of needing more money and really liking the job. I had been doing girl-girl for a year and a half and was ready to take it to the next level. He wasn’t stoked on it but it was my decision. The weirdest part was kissing a guy after not kissing another guy for three years, that was WEIRD to me. Not even the fucking somebody else, just the making out. I guess I compartmentalized the fucking. The fucking was just getting fucked but the intimacy of kissing was super weird to me. It went really well though. The guy was really nice and I guess he does a lot of girls firsts. Super sweet guy but there’s this common thing that everyone knows about him, it’s not a bad thing it’s just kind of funny. He does this thing when he’s cumming where he rubs his chest. I didn’t know that it was a thing that he does and I thought it was something that he wanted me to do to him. He was like, “NO” this is a thing HE DOES to himself. I was like, “Okay I’ll just lay here and take it then. Cool.”

How did you feel after?

The word that comes to mind is liberating. I had only had sex with four guys when I started doing boy-girl. I was 23. So that’s a low number for that age. So I was like, “Oh yeah, there’s all this great sex I could be having!” Eye opening type of situation.

When did you lose your virginity?

I was 17 and I had been taught that for girls it hurts. There’s all the breaking of the hymn and bleeding and whatever. I was never brought up to wait for marriage it was more wait for someone you love or have a real connection with. Not just give it to anybody. So my logic was I wanted that first time I was with the person I loved to be an enjoyable experience, to not be awkward, to not be uncomfortable, to not hurt. So I was really drunk about a week after my 17th birthday and was like, “I’m just gonna call up a friend that I think is cute and get this over with!” So I started in the A’s in my phone and was like, “You’re cute, I’ll call you!” No one answered, went to the next one. The guy I lost it to, he was a virgin too. 

Did you call him telling him what you wanted?

Yeah, he was like, “Cool, I’m a virgin too. Sounds good, lets do it.” Yeah it’s actually really weird because we are friends on Facebook and he hit me up on the way to comiccon. He was like,


“Hey, are you coming to comic con?”

“Yeah, are you gonna be there?”

“Yeah, I’m working for Nickelodeon...I’m Donatello!”

So technically I lost my virginity to a Ninja Turtle!


KP: So how was the sex?

AO: I remember it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. It was good, not great.

Did he have a turtle dick?

It went by fast, that’s all I can remember. We did it in an SUV and we steamed it up. We were all cheesy and wrote our names in the steam. Then the second time I had sex I did it with a guy I liked and it kinda hurt so my whole plan was pointless. I was 17 and he was 25 or 26. Now that I’m that age I’m just like, “What are you doing having sex with a 17 year old?” Who was I hanging out with?

How long did it take before you had incredible sex?

My first serious boyfriend my junior year of high school pretty shortly after that. The first time I had really mind blowing sex was in porn. I mean the guy I was having sex with in high school was in high school too so we both had the same level of experience so while it was enjoyable and I was that age so it was super awesome, looking back I realize there was sex that was way better than that shit. That’s professional level compared to high school level. I think one time I even had a panic attack because I didn’t know what to do with the orgasm feelings.

It’s interesting to hear you say you have mind blowing sex on camera because most people assume girls are just acting.

I think a lot of them are acting. I’ve been told I’m one of the few that actually look like I’m not acting and it’s not fake. That’s pretty true. I hadn’t had a lot of sex before doing boy-girl so doing all of that, it was all real. I think I faked an orgasm in porn two or three times tops. Everything else is real, those are real orgasms. You have this freedom to make those noises and be that wild. Usually when you’re having sex in your private life you’re trying to be quite cause you don’t want your neighbors to hear or your roommates or you don’t want the guy to think you’re weird. In porn they want that so you’re allowed to let go and just be yourself. It’s freeing.

When was the first time you saw porn?

My uncle used to collect old Playboys and they were in my garage. So whenever no one was home I was looking at those.

How old were you then?

Young. Like nine.

When did you first start masturbating?


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