An Excerpt From Kill Pretty's Interview With Gingerbread Man From Issue 4

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Gingerbread Man is everyone’s favorite gangster cookie. Hailing from fresco with three full length albums and laundry list of celebrity endorsements, there’s no stopping this shit talking, coke snorting candy rapper.

KP: Is there such a thing as too much cocaine?

Gingerbread Man: Nope. I mean, I got a heart ya know sayin’? And it’s a cold one so I snort as much coke as I can get my hands on and go from there. I love my heart to be pumpin’ crazy and to gettin’ me hyped up but that’s me though. It ain’t for everybody but it should be.

KP: On a good party weekend how much coke do you do?

Gingerbread Man: Prolly a few 8balls or more. I love coke so I be at it shiiit. Line after line after line then continue my night nigga. If there’s more I’m wit it.

KP: How many kids and how many baby mamas?

Gingerbread Man: None, nigga. But these hoes want a family.

KP: What kind of gold do you prefer on your teeth?

Gingerbread Man: Real gold, ya know what I’m sayin’?

KP: How do you go to the bathroom and how does that work?

Gingerbread Man: If I gotta piss I piss and if I gotta shit on somin’ I shit. I’m a cookie but I gotta do what I gotta.

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