An Excerpt From Kill Pretty's Interview With INDECLINE From Issue 3

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While you’re safe in your bed, sound asleep, in the single digit hours before sunrise, an anonymous group of vandals and videographers roam the city streets and capture some of the rawest, most disgusting footage of life on Earth. Bums, whores, crackheads, and graffiti writers galore. They put their lives on the line for your amusement and disdain. INDECLINE is here to show you what you don’t want to see. Or do you, you sick fuck?

KP: How did Indecline start?

INDECLINE: A couple of us were producing (and getting expelled for) these fucked up skate films in our respective cities back in 1999 and 2000. Through fate and some mutual acquaintinces we were introduced. It only took three years or so from that point for us to create some international controversy, get arrested and receive a probation sentence barring us from associating with each other.

KP: How do you get so much intense footage? What percentage is filmed by you and what do you buy?

INDECLINE: We very rarely purchase anything. One of INDECLINE’s strongest attributes is our innate ability to be a shit magnet any time we hit the streets. Cities like San Francisco have always been a hot bed of action for us. The situations we’ve filmed or find ourselves in, more times than most, found us.

KP: Any stories of something that happened to you that you DIDN’T get on film that really pissed you off?

INDECLINE: We were recently shot at from a close distance while painting in Oakland. Footage of that would have been nice.

Our biggest issue isn’t missed opportunities. We’re always rolling camera. Our problem is the legality of releasing a lot of the footage we’ve captured. There’s footage to this that that we’ll NEVER be able to release.

KP: Do people try and fight you when they see you filming?

INDECLINE: Nobody really fucks with us when we’re shooting. It is surprising, but the few conflicts we have encountered stayed verbal. We’ve probably had more intense run-ins with guard dogs than we have people starting shit. But yes, we have also gotten more confident in fighting. Especially ear-biting.

KP: Who’s your favorite street character you’ve been able to spend time with?

INDECLINE: Mark the Anarchist in San Francisco is pretty fucking legendary. We’ve watched that dude take his dick out in McDonalds and piss all over the floor while people were eating. One day, he took a brick and busted out a massive window at The Gap in broad daylight. If there’s anyone we aspire to be when we’re older, it’s Mark.

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