Bhagwan "Master of the Vagina" Rajneesh

From DisInfo's Top 5 cult leaders that used sex to get their freak on and control minds at the same time:


Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Bhagwan (which allegedly means “Master of the Vagina”) Shree Rajneesh, preached a mishmash of traditional meditation and Western therapies. His followers were asked to kick, bite, and scream at one another to release stress. When that was done his followers were encouraged to have as much sex with him and each other as they could. He was addicted to laughing gas and at one point had 93 Rolls Royces.

He called himself the worlds great lover and claimed to have had sex with more women than anyone in history. In fact, he probably could have had sex with a lot more if he didn’t decide to have his followers poison a bunch of people.