Charlie Rose and Charles Manson


Recently watched this interview with Charles Manson and he said this,

"You want me to be everything to everybody? You want me to face all your fears and all your debts? Want me to die again for ya? You want me to go in the gas chamber walk in and say alright? Preacher on one side of me priest on the other side of me. Say I'm the son of God. 'We know son. Go in and sit down. Give us your life again.' And I say give you my life cause I think you're taking care of the kids. But then I get out from the gas chamber and I go out and look at the kids. You're not taking care of the kids! You're feeding on them! You're drunk on their blood man!"

It's interesting because Mason was similar to Jesus in a way. They put him on every newspaper and every TV station and crucified him to the world. They branded him pure evil, the devil and it gave politicians platforms to stand on, cops reasons to bust people and religious people something to fear and preach about. He's so psycho he probably thinks he WAS jesus in a past life but what I think is interesting is there's a lot of people that are sacrificed through history for different motives. Whether it's witches at the stake or Britney Spears on TMZ. There's always good reason for it like "protecting our children." But at the end of the day, like Manson says, we only pretend to take care of the children. In reality kids are being raped and molested in astronomical numbers all over the world and no one tries to put a stop to it. We've got ghettos full of kids with no one to turn to but gang members for family.