Reader Submitted Chase Story = Covered in Shit



so last night I’m painting this freight right..
I am almost done, just working on my forcefield when all of a sudden cops come rushing towards the train from both sides..
so i take off running into this park thats right next to the tracks..
and there are fucking cops driving around in the park shining their lights everywhere..
so here I am hopping from bush to bush.. trying to get away, when I realize one of the bushes I am hiding in has big pile of human shit that I am lying on…
shit sucked..
but to make it just a little bit better..
I realized the only place i could hide where the cops wouldn’t see me was the pond thats in this park…
so I end up running down to the pond and laying on the shore of it..
then I see that the cops are driving right up to the edge of the pond and shining their lights all over the place.. while the cops on foot are searching through the bushes with flashlights…
so I realize that the only way I am not going to get caught is by getting in the pond… and bonus it will wash the shit off me..
so here I am sitting in the pond when all of a sudden the ghetto bird shows up and starts searching around the park for me..
it actually stopped right above me and shined its light down on the water.. but I was underneath the water holding my breath and it somehow didn’t see me..
so i end up sitting in the water for about 20 minutes.. before I realize that I will die if I stay in any longer.. the water was fucking freezing.. and it was about 50 outside..
so I end up making a break for it.. almost getting caught by this one car.. crawling underneath a line of freights past police on foot who are searching the bushes for me…
and then have to hop a fence soaking wet and freezing and ditch the cops for 45 minutes on the walk back to my house.. hiding in peoples back yards and such…
oh yeah so this whole time.. I am on a half gram of molly.. fucked up as all hell…. and hating life for other reasons..
so that was the good part of my night last night…
never mind the bad part..
actually if it was summer I would have loved it minus the human shit part..