Some Thoughts on Sabbath

When Ozzy joins Black Sabbath the whole thing turns upside down, you know? They actually had all the money in the world to do as much cocaine as they wanted, which I consider to be the culprit, and them trying to get through to kids. I think Ozzy was trying to get through to certain types of people. The album Master of Reality that has Always Forever on it, that’s a Christian album. That song Sweet Leaf is a pretty spiritual song.


After Ozzy left Black Sabbath he went solo and started busting into more Alchemy, monsters and devil worshiping directly. It got to a point in the 80’s where parents had found Ozzy records on their kids turntables who had blown their brains out. Ozzy would have been drug to court after that.


Ozzy sent missed messages though. In his early career I think he was so glazed on coke, you have this glazed over was okay to be a cocaine christian identity. It was in Rock and Roll and it was in Disco. It was kinda seeping into media in the late 70’s. It was okay to do coke and mix your religion with it. You can see it a lot. It was around a lot more. Then when Reagan and the Republican movements came it, well that became the nuclear threat and you started introducing harder drugs. The harder the situation in America, the harder the drugs. Now you got krokodil and it’s not the chocolate cream filled ones, guys. These will devour your skin off. You got motherfuckers smoking bed bugs. You can take a bed bug and grind it up and it’s like a dust. Remember your favorite movie, Brain Damage? It’s like that. The bed bugs stimulate the pleasure sensor and when you smoke it you can get a high off it for three to four hours. Or you can melt it in a spoon and shoot it up. Intravenously shoot bed bugs.

I think Black Sabbath really was into the god thing when they were younger, you know? But as they get older, their careers are changing, you’re getting ready to induct Dio as the new singer, the whole things getting ready to change. And hey, beliefs change too you know? People that aren’t sure to begin with can mislead a whole lot of people. I think that’s one of the downfalls of Master of Reality. People took it seriously at the time and then followed Ozzy through his career where he would have been getting into more satanic shit. Thats fine or whatever but these guys get this mixed message and all of the sudden he gets pulled into court. Of course the tribunal of the court couldn’t press charges and when you have Ozzy’s powerful lawyers chances are you’re just gonna get slapped on the wrist. You can see that he’s basically a cheesedick. You can see his end resolve. There was no real substantiality to the guy because you see that it was just a TV show the whole time for him because that’s how he ended up. Iommi isn’t a fucking show. He’s the technical master. Him and Geezer Butler and Bill Ward rest in peace.


They’ve really always had a much more solid direction without Ozzy. Ozzy’s always kind of been the loose cannon. But those early albums that they did nailed it, obviously. But that’s what it is. Two different identities.  They did well on the transition from one singer to the other because they’re two different universes. If you’re a Sabbath fan, Sabbath true, you’ll be there because of Iommi no matter what.