TONIGHT we are having a closing party for the exhibition at SUPER CHIEF and throwing a benefit to be able to publish our next issue. Come out to see the show if you haven't yet, drink some beer from PBR and pick up some magazines.

We are raising money to help print issue FIVE of Kill Pretty. The new issue includes high fashion weirdness by Iggy Soliven and Kyrian Bobeerian. Christy Karacas of Superjail and Ballmasterz fame. A one on one with Henry Zebrowski of Last Podcast on the Left. Fancy Lad skateboard crew. The history of Superchief Gallery. Graffiti interviews with FIVE, JAMES, BISEE and MIND DETRGNT. Crimebo the Clown and SO MUCH MORE!

Art by Iggy Soliven (@ouget) and Kyrian Bobeerian (@kyrian_bobeerian)

Fuck the Likes Vol 1 is an all west-coast photography group show centered around raw street photography and documentation of contemporary underground life. The show is meant to be an irreverent diss to the social media era of today where most published photos are solely intended to garner lots of likes online. For the the show, Superchief Gallery has focused on boundary pushing and exciting contemporary photography from people living authentically visually stimulating lives.