Once upon a time there lived a noble prince. He really enjoyed saving princesses. He saved them all day long, in this land and that. Then one day a dark cloud appeared over the prince’s land. It clouded all that was good and he was no longer able to see what princesses to save. He grew sad and bored. He wished for his passion to return.



Then one day a mysterious beast appeared. The Glunkerwunk. He GLUNKED, then WUNKED, then GLUNKERWUNKED through the castle gates. The Glunkerwunk told the prince that if he could look inside and see himself for what he truly was then he could lift the curse from his kingdom. The prince laughed. He did not believe him for he was arrogant and saw himself without flaw. So the Glunkerwunk left and the kingdom was sad.



Much time past. Then one day after one hundred the Grunkerwunk reappeared. The prince begged for forgiveness and asked for help in order to clear the darkness that lay over his land. The Glunkerwunk GLUNKED, then WUNKED, then GLUNKERWUNKED. He told the prince if he could put aside his arrogance he could truly be happy. The prince asked how. The beast said that in order to do so he had to sip the sap from the oldest oak tree in the Dark Forest.



The prince set out in search of the tree. He searched the forest for many days before he found the mightiest of the oaks. He thrust his sword into the tree’s trunk and began to bleed it’s sap. The prince drank...and drank...and drank, and when the tree was dry he left and began his journey home.



He walked for miles...and miles...and miles. Finally, he returned to his castle and there on his throne sat the Glunkerwunk. The prince once again asked for forgiveness. The glunkerwunk sat in silence. The prince begged. The Glunkerwunk grinned. The prince was confused. ”Why do you smile and not answer me beast?”, the prince inquired. The Glunkerwunk responded, “I just think it’s funny how you love sucking the fluid from giant wood.”

The End.