There's Nothing Funny about this Picture


There’s nothing funny about this picture. This is just a little person riding a scooter. Scooters are for everyone! We all love them and everyone has enjoyed being on a scooter before. So, like I said, there’s nothing funny about this picture.

Not his perfectly manicured, shampoo commercial hair on his perfectly sized head. Not even that hair on that head with that body. It’s not even that funny that it looks like we face swapped a seven year old with that guy from House. That’s not funny at all. It’s just boring. Just another picture.

Even the simple fact that that child sized scooter looks like it was built just for him isn’t that funny. The way the handles are at perfect height and he’s cruising through the streets with no fear of that little midget, I mean miniature car in the background that looks like it’s gonna turn the corner and make a little tiny car accident.


Not funny.
Not funny at all.