Word on The Street: Will Smith saves fingernail clippings for Christmas!!! (PHOTOS!)

In a world where the corporate news conglomerates shovel bile down your throats for a dollar, we at Kill Pretty bring you the truth straight from the source: THE STREETS.



You may think that Will Smith would give great Christmas presents, but my cousin Barbara found out the truth last week: It turns out Will Smith forces his whole family to save all their fingernail clippings in a jar. Yes, even upcoming child star Jayden Smith. At the end of the year for Christmas, they mail the clippings as presents to friends and family across the world. Yuck. Yuck.

We caught up with co-star Tommy Lee Jones from the hit movie franchise Men In Black to get his take. Listen to what he had to say, 

“I find it rather soothing sucking on the clipping when watching my nightly news. They taste like soy sauce and Captain Crunch. I fully support their lifestyle.”

What is Hollywood turning into!??