25 MORE Important Things to Know By Jordan Rich

26 - Do not aspire to be a pro Frolfer. 

27 -  Watch "Flight of The Navigator".

28 - Toothpaste is poisonous. So stop eating it!

29 - Watch out for the crazy lady that works at the Safeway and always stares at you. We don't what she wants. 

30 - If you run into Kirk Hammett and accidentally call him Mark Hamill while you're hammered at a Primus concert, he will be cool and still give you an autograph on a Tic Tac box.

31 - If you are high and in a stadium concert full of 10's of thousands of people and hear someone shouting your name, ignore it. It's all in your head.

32 - If a girl is annoying the shit out of you at the club you work security at, don't throw her out. She's actually trying to hit on you.

33 - Ignore the number 3 at all costs. Especially if there are three 3's.

34 - If someone offers you free cocaine, you say yes.

35 - VCR's are not robot heads. Don't try to feed them Tootsie Roll Lolly Pops through the video slot.

36 - Flowers are not made of cake frosting, even if you are on Acid.

37 - If you are too high off Acid, drink a 30 rack. It will help.

38 - Don't get your wisdom teeth pulled if you are an already stupid person.

39 - Mortal Kombat theme song plus slow motion karate equal greatest talent show performance ever.

40 - No one in Nine Inch Nails has or ever will have nine inch nails...on their fingers.

41 - Don't use the same toothbrush as your roommate's girlfriend.

42 - SpongeBob SquarePants has a perfectly normal brother named  LoofahBill RoundShorts.

43 - All the Fast and Fuious movies were based on true events.

44 - Milk actually does a body bad.

45 - Elephants can communicate to each other through the ground.

46 - Jason Voorhees did't get his hockey mask until the 3rd Friday the 13th.

47 - My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun.

48 - Always lock the door during Patty Cake.

49 - If you are going to rob a bank, don't wear a mask of your actual face. And don't use a steamroller as your getaway vehicle.

50 - There is no "I" in TEAM. Unless you speak spanish.