5 Details In The Ted Bundy Tapes That No One Is Talking About

If you love murder or handsome murderers or guys who speak into tape recorders then The Ted Bundy Tapes has something for you. The four part Netflix series features interviews and archival footage of serial killer and amateur lawyer Ted Bundy, and while some viewers are focusing on how the series presents him as a handsome murder boy rather than as a stone cold killer, they’re ignoring some of the most horrifying moments.

Ted Bundy Loved The Flinstones

The killer’s love of this modern stone age family shines through in the docu-series as Bundy ends each interview by pulling on a large steam whistle and screaming “Yabba Dabba Doo!” It’s unclear if Bundy picked this up while in prison or if he was a lifelong Flinstones fan.

Bundy Spends Much Of The Third Episode Playing The Flugelhorn

What’s that melody that sounds like a cartoon elephant? It’s not a trombone and it’s not a tuba, it’s a flugelhorn. Bundy started playing while living in the Pacific Northwest and it was one of the three personal items he was allowed to bring into prison. His two other belongings were a stuffed crow named Keith and his favorite pair of soccer cleats.

He Revealed How He Avoided The Police For So Long

One of the things that amateur sleuths always question about the Ted Bundy case is how the police took so long to catch him while he killed a series of brunettes outside of Seattle. During a brief aside in episode two Bundy explains that he always made sure to leave the police a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies at the crime scene. Remember, this was before the recipe for chocolate chip cookies was readily available so the police wanted to keep this gravy train rolling for as long as they could.

Ted Bundy Invented Sunglasses Hut

While living on the run in Florida, Bundy was constantly frustrated with the amount of sun he was getting – especially in his eyes. In the docu-series the killer explains how he spent weeks working out the details for a store that sold sunglasses and sunglasses only, and the rest is history.

Bundy Built A Robot Wife While In Prison And They Had Two Children

How is no one talking about this? In the wrap up of the entire series it’s revealed that federal law mandates that every prisoner who spends more than two years in prison on their best behavior must receive the parts to construct a mechanical spouse. Bundy named his wife “Jalormoe” and he even fathered two robo-boys with his lovely wife.