Abandoned Shack Sex

BlueVeinThrobber is our newest writer for the Kill Pretty Blog! BVT grew up trailer trash in Louisiana. By 14 he was smoking meth with the whole family. By 18 he became a famous actor in New York City. These are true stories about his life, all disgusting and unbelievable but all true. All names, times and places have been changed to protect the freaks.


So it’s 2007, I’m 17 years old and I just left the (REDACTED) Juvenile Academy. I’m at my grandmother's house and I’m not sure how Maggie got there. Maggie’s 25 and by this point she’s already fucked so many people in my family including my pops and my step-mom.

 I have a couple of buddies over and we’re all getting drunk on Four-Loco. Maggies over hanging out with me and I’m feeling like such a player. I just got out of juvie and I got this older woman buying us all our alcohol because she wants to be cool. So I’m like,

“Yo, Maggie, we should fuck!”

So we start fooling around a little bit. We go to her car where she proceeds to give me head. I notice while I’m getting head that my grandma walks out. I’m over here getting head looking out the front of the car and I see my grandma walk to the car and I’m like, “Fuck, fuck get off me, get off me.” She comes up turns around and walks back. She definitely saw it.

So I’m like, “Lets go to this abandoned shack in the woods.” Because there was one not far from us. So we go to this abandoned shack and I put this condom on. I’m the most athletic I’ve ever been in my entire life. Mind you I hit hundreds of push ups every day, I run miles every day, I’m an athletic specimen at this time. I’m a beast.

I throw this condom on and I’m like, “I’m about to rabbit fuck this girl.” With the condom on and everything I get in for about two thrusts and she slaps my ass with each thrust and I literally blast off! That’s what made me cum.

It ended and I was really embarrassed but I was also like, “Damn that was cool.” But I was mostly embarrassed. I think I wasted some time in the shack so my buddies thought that I lasted a little longer.

Then I remember my dickhead cousin comes back from overseas and he fucks her in the shower. Then my whole families in the house with the sisters and everything walking around, publicly he goes, “So Maggie who fucks better? Me or BlueVeinThrober?” He’s got big bucks too by the way. He’s the only family member that’s worth six figures at the time. She was after his money big time. She was like,


“You definitely fuck better, he doesn’t last at all!” I was so embarrassed.