Drug Slang for the week of June 25 - July 1st

Each week, Rocko D. writes into Kill Pretty to let the audience know about the newest slang for buying, taking, and dealing drugs. We’re not saying that we like what Rocko D. does, but we need content.


Sunday, June 25: “Have you watched the new Twin Peaks?” - There’s a two for one special today in the North West area of town.

Monday, June 26: “That’s one big owl.” - Whatever we’re doing, we have to do it on the roof.

Tuesday, June 27: “Oh great, Dracula’s here.” - Cheese it, it’s the fuzz.

Wednesday, June 28: “I never cared for Benedict Cumberbatch.” - I’m selling a cache of Sherlock Pipes if you would like one.

Thursday, June 29: “Have you seen the moon tonight?” - There are UCLA football players doing coke in the bathroom of this pizza place.

Friday, June 30: “Italian leather is always quite nice.” - Yes, this is the same molly I had three weeks ago.

Saturday, July 1: “I’ve always thought Demi Moore was underrated in Strip Tease.” - This particular batch of homemade crystal meth has been cut with Astroglide.