Avenging Force (1986)

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Going to the theaters in 2014 is disgusting. Secret government agents, spies and lethal assassins. All that sounds cool in theory but the reality is BORING. I love a secret agent as much as the next guy but what does Jason Bourne have to lose? What pain does Liam Neeson really feel? Lets travel back to the 80’s where the enemy really hit you were it hurts, where a cops family could be slaughtered, a soldiers sister might get raped, and who knows? Even our hero could die…

Matt Hunter, a former Military Intelligence agent, is assigned as a body guard to his best friend, Larry Richards, who is running for Senate. In a political assassination gone wrong Larry’s little boy is murdered. When Matt and Larry investigate the murder they stumble onto a secret organization called Pentangle who murder for fun. Unfortunately Pentangle is one step ahead of them at every turn. This is one SEXY movie. When the fighting gets rough, the guys take their shirts off, when the fighting gets deadly they fight in the rain. Seriously. Half the movie is dudes soaking wet kicking each other in the dicks! This is some serious meat on meat action. 80’s STYLE. No flashy montages or theme songs for Avenging Force, just kicking ass and killing people. The theme of 80’s action movies that I love so much is surprisingly FAMILY (I know, right?). What I love about AF is the relationship between Matt Hunter and his little sister is a good 20 minutes of the film. We spend two or three scenes seeing how great of a father Larry is! The family aspect makes the slaughter SO much more painful. When Liam Neeson’s daughter is kidnapped it’s scary and intense. When Larry Richards wife gets a crossbow through her heart it’s PAINFUL and SCARY. The movie moves from dope to REAL DOPE real fast.

The best part of AF is (*queue Slayer music*) PENTANGLE! Four of the most hilariously dressed assassins, each with their own unique style, hunt and kill (preferably in the rain(sexy)) for our pleasure! Check out these badass mofos!

Despite being undercover government agents, one of the best parts about Matt Hunter is he drives around in an AWESOME monster truck!

(Cowboy Gangsta Matt Hunter)

The damn thing even FLYS!

(If only it had lasers!)

The PENTANGLE is totally awesome for a number of reasons (yes, not just the awesome clown ninja!) but the most brutal is how insanely racist they are! Nothing makes a villain better than being over the top racist (except for an over the top racist that talks to kittens that is). I don’t know how these actors even repeat this shit out loud! [flv:http://facemeltingfilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/afclipracist.flv 640 470]

("Hitler was RIGHT!")

Avenging Force was originally the sequel to Invasion USA and was supposed to star Chuck Norris. Norris ended up being tied in with other Cannon films and to our luck did not star. Instead we got the totally awesome and awkward Michael Dudikoff. Dudikoff is the OG American Ninja (same director) and was one of the main two from Radioactive Dreams!!! While not the best actor ever he’s got the look (damn sexy) and pushes it to the limit. This was also my first film by Sam Firstenberg which is a shame. If you haven’t seen a Firstenberg film it’s time to step up, his filmography is stunningly impressive: Revenge of the Ninja, Ninja III: The Domination, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, American Ninja 1 and 2, Delta Force 3: The Killing Game, American Samurai, Cyborg Cop 1 and 2, Blood Warriors, the list goes on! Expect Firstenberg to be a main director for Facemelting Films in the future! [flv:http://facemeltingfilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/afcliptree.flv 640 470]

(The tree elf is here to kill you!)

If you aren’t ready for drawn out kung fu scenes, psychotic clown ninjas and some heart felt family love, Avenging Force might not be for you. This is a versatile film, you can get drunk with friends and love AF through the weed smoke or you can throw the VHS on at 1:30am and love it. The action is fun and the villains are EVIL. Order that pizza, roll that joint and embrace the art of one of the finest action directors of the 1980s.

(Clown Ninja is sad the review is over...)

[flv:http://facemeltingfilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/afclipfall.flv 640 470]

(My favorite scene: Watching this little kid fall off the roof!)

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