Five Scenes In Dawson’s Creek That Were Almost Ruined Because A Mummy Walked On Set And Tried To Wrap People Up In Mummy Tape


Has there ever been a television series that captured what it was like to come of age while living next to mummy infested waters the way Dawson’s Creek did? Not in my book. The Creek filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, an area famously rotten with mummies. And while the picturesque landscapes helped cement the idea of the idyllic town of Dawson’s Creek, it was almost all for not because of those dang mummies. You wouldn’t know it, but many of the scenes on the WB’s flagship show were almost totally ruined because mummies wouldn’t stop attacking the crew and trying to wrap them up in mummy tape, presumably to make more mummies. The following scenes almost never existed, you know, because of the whole mummy thing.

When Pacey Broke Down To His Father, Who Was Drunk And Passed Out On The Beach

Everyone knows mummies live in the water and love the beach. According to our sources, producers knew of the danger that this scene posed to the cast and crew, and insisted on sending them into the heart of mummy country. Is the scene a heartbreaking moment between father and son? Of course, this is Pacey we’re talking about, but it just as easily could have been filmed somewhere safe like a shopping mall or indoor gun range.

Dawson Steals The Amulet

This has to be one of the most memorable scenes from season 2. Watching as Dawson descends into the Temple of Ovrionous to capture the amulet (an item that would take on more significance throughout the series) was like having a slow motion panic attack, and to make things worse the entire scene was filmed while a group of mummies taped up a production assistant who was taking a smoke break outside the temple.

The Anti-Prom At Leery’s Fresh Fish

This should have been a simple couple of scenes to film, but instead of building a bonfire around the set and making the customary offering to Osiris, producers decided to film and keep their thumbs held for no mummies. Well that shit house of a plan didn’t work, our sources say that at least four mummies stumbled onto set during the filming of this season three episode and taped up a gaffer, a lighting technician, and some poor idiot who just wanted to get an autograph from Michelle Williams.

Mitch Leery Ascends To Heaven

How devastated were you when Dawson’s father ate it? There’s no way you were as upset as John Wesley Shipp (if you’re not a Creek-Head, Shipp is the actor who played Leery). While filming the scene where his character finally ascends to Heaven after completing the seven tasks of the light, a mummy found its way onto the set and began trying to tape up Mr. Shipp. After a barbaric struggle, Mr. Shipp was able to overpower the mummy and strip its tape, revealing its black tar insides. This memory no doubt haunts Mr. Shipp as he lies awake at night and stares into the abyss.

Jen Fakes Her Death

Who could forget the final moments of the Dawson’s Creek finale? After Jen (Michelle Williams) seems to succumb to a rare strain of thought cancer her friends say their final goodbyes. Once they leave her hospital room her eyes open and she winks at the camera – a truly inspiring moment of WB television, and it was almost wrecked by a mummy uprising taking place on the floor below. As Williams filmed her final scenes of the series, hundreds of brave men and women were ripped apart and taped together by mummies who were enraged over the rising costs of living due to the rising property values brought on by a series of chandelier stores erected by James Van Derbeek. The mummies were finally quelled when one brave orderly volunteered to burn the hospital down with himself and the mummies inside. Thank God he waited until Michelle Williams finished filming one of the greatest scenes on television and hopped on a helicopter back to Hollywood.