Freemason Secrets Revealed By Jon Benito

Art by Travis Brewer

Art by Travis Brewer

Have you ever heard of the Freemasons?  You know… those assholes that supposedly run everything.  They're supposed to be the founding fathers of this country, and even possibly the descendants of the Knights Templar, and many other descendants and spawns of other secret societies.  Some even think that the Freemasons were also the Illuminati, or that the Illuminati were started by the Freemasons, or that the Illuminati and the Freemasons work together to control the world.  And from what I hear on the street, the Freemasons and the Illuminati have had a subsection of their own break off to battle it out on the street over who’s boss.  There are all sorts of different stories about these two groups.  Are they aliens, the lizard people and the greys battling it out on earth, or are they just men with dark occult power who have sold their soul to the devil?  There’s all sorts of stories about these “people” rolling around the internet inspiring artists, occultists, Christians, the religious right, neo-Nazis, anarchists, and other curious individuals.

There have been reports of alien abductions, secret rituals in secret locations, odd sex parties a la Eyes Wide Shut, and so on.  I, myself, grew up with two Freemasons as a child who both became good friends into my first two failed attempts at college.  We used to go to parties and before plan out how we would attempt to direct the mood and conversations of the party.  We studied and taught each other Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is a form of communication practiced by elected officials, desperate businessmen, and therapists to make educated guesses to what’s going on inside a person’s mind in order to affect some kind of change. That was a quasi-run-on sentence I know, but bear with me… I’m about to drop a thought bomb on you all.  So going back to these parties, we would use this technique to try to manipulate the people around us.  It’s a little sociopathic I know, but we always did it out of curiosity and sick twisted fun.  

Recently, after a several year stint at navigating rehab and A.A. (barf!), and some really bad therapy, I began doing my own research into psychology (which is an institutionalized form of behavior modification) and slowly wandered into hypnotism.  The hypnotism thing came from my own experiences of smoking butt loads of meth and wanting to be a sex slave kept as someone’s “pup,” that then lead me to the controversial topic concerning monarch programming explored by the CIA.  Now obviously monarch programming lead me to the Illuminati and Freemason lore.  This was all around the time I publicly threatened Alcoholics Anonymous, my therapist, and the 12 step recovery groups for public litigation, which were then met with a mirage of threats and aggressive encounters by those very groups… Yeah… the more questions I asked, the realer the shit got.

While dealing with all this I began noticing that, at times, I would trance out and began exhibiting erratic behavior that coincided with the threats. I began to research more into hypnotism, trance states, and disassociated states.  It was there I learned that people, throughout their daily lives, go in and out of trance states.  This is pretty much how advertising works in urban areas.

Desperate for answers I started looking into hypnotic inductions so that maybe I could help protect myself from the panic attacks all these death threats were causing.  It was here I started realizing that things like church, guided meditations, conversational cues, therapy sessions, 12 step meetings, and various organizations used similar techniques.  Coincidentally enough, the parallels between all of these organizations that instituted these techniques all focused on guiding behavior. On top of that, I started to research states of deep hypnosis and hallucinations were possible.  So I started putting it all together after spending a year walking around the city and paying attention to pop culture symbology, brand design, language, and various other cultural undercurrents.  And then it hit me… Hypnosis!!! We are all hypnotized to some degree or another and lots of powerful people out there not only know this, but have done very extensive research into how to manipulate the mind, thought, and behavior.  So no… the Illuminati and Freemasons aren’t witches, they aren’t vestiges of Satan, and they’re not aliens, not interdimensional beings.  They’re just men… evil, shitty, power hungry men who want to slowly turn us all into catatonic slaves by using the guise of entertainment.  To them we are meat.  Welcome to the neo-Proletariat.