SAASH (Semi Above Average Super Heroes)

I love movies.

But everything is too epic now.  People love comic book movies that have characters with crazy super powers that conquer evil in the end with some abnormal ability.  I want more movies like Mystery Men.  There’s no middle ground.  Either you’re super powerful and have to use your strength combined with others to defeat the enemy or you’re some joe schmo that has to find his inner strength.

Art by Meg Litter

Art by Meg Litter

I want a middle ground.  A team of just-above-human super heroes.  

I propose the league of Semi Above Average Super Heroes, SAASH for short.

-Guy that can fly, but only at 1 mile per hour

-Guy that can only see through wood

-Guy that can punch anything and not hurt his hands

-Guy that can drink any amount of alcohol and not get drunk

-Guy that can’t contract any STD’s

If there are worlds where beings with “Super” super powers exist, then why has no one touched base on their lesser known brethren.  Guy who can eat anything.  

If the characters you had to base your story off of had a very limited and specific set of skills, not only would people be able to relate to them better, but your plot would have to be written that much better in order for it to seem realistic when they defeated the bad guy.  Which they always do.  So make it happen Hollywood scum.

Guy that can jump far, but only on sand.