The Spiritual Teachings of Beavis and Butthead Part 5: Final Thoughts


This marks the end of our journey through the fable of Beavis and Butthead but fear not! This is only the beginning of your inner journey to understanding. Reading these lessons is only step one. Integrating these lessons into your life and even more importantly: watching the show, THIS is where your real journey begins. Oh, how jealous I am that I can not take your place in the start of your cosmic voyage!

But before you go, here is the final truth the brothers offer. The overarching goal of our teachings. You must look at your life as if it is an episode of Beavis and Butthead. Everything in your life, from the stuff you buy, the people you meet to the places you go, all of it represents something. It represents a piece of your psyche, a piece of your mind. Something the universe is trying to tell you. There are lessons in every moment, every interaction. You must view your life as if written by the guru Mike Judge himself! You must take the tragedy as comedy. The lack as meaning. The nachos as god. If your life was manufactured by a brilliant writer, what do all these things mean? What are they teaching you? What kind of television show do you want to live in? Do you want it to be a comedy or a tragedy? Do you want to find the problems in every situation or the hilariousness in the bizarre simulation you exist inside?

Beavis and Butthead is a reflection of us. The simple fool. We are all going through this life lost, afraid and stupid. No one knows what they are doing and we are all just trying to get by. Beavis and Butthead might look like the two biggest morons in the world but take a closer look. Are they happy? Are they enjoying their existence? In not one episode has Beavis or Butthead cried. In not one episode has Beavis or Butthead screamed at the gods. They may get frustrated, they may break things but at the end of the day they are enjoying life. Even in the toughest situations, where everything is bleak and miserable. Even when there greatest possession, their television, is stolen, do they allow themselves to embark on the most fantastic adventure of their lives.

Beavis and Butthead are alchemy at it’s finest. They take shit and manifest gold. They look at this life, this existence, and they laugh.


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