The Underrated: Nemesis

Every friday we review a movie that we think is underrated or over looked. Something you need to see.

Acting is over rated. Did you really come to see some people PRETEND to be something other than cardboard cutouts? Fuck no! Why are you watching a movie called Nemesis? Is it because you want sappy, realistic love scenes? Or do you want robots blowing up shit in the future and naked android assassins? I’m gonna go with the naked android assassins on this one. Welcome to the world of Albert Pyun. Knowing the plot to Nemesis is completely pointless. Even if I wanted to, it would take way too long and bore you to death with the details. Don’t believe me? Check the Wikipedia summery HERE. All you need to know is everyone is an android assassin, there are lots of explosions and the hot girl gets naked. Nemesis features the “talent” of “action star” Olivier Gruner. Visually, Gruner is perfect for the role. He claims that in preparing for Nemesis he dropped down to 4% body fat. The dude is ripped and actually looks like a cyborg from the future. The only problem is the dude can’t act. I mean REALLY. The dude doesn’t even try. Someone should have at least dubbed over his lines. Everything he says is in an emotionless-robotic-bored-out-of-his-mind voice. Luckily the movie is so damn exciting that, in the end, you really don’t care. As far as the action goes, the director, Albert Pyun is a near genius. Every five minutes a seemingly human body is blown in half only to reveal awesome robot body parts. Huge, futuristic guns litter the film. Explosions are more common than dialogue. Nemesis is a sci-fi action film on steroids. You can’t pump more awesomeness into a film than this. On top of the mind-bending special effects, the whole film is shot in amazing locations. We get the desert, huge abandoned buildings, dystopian landscapes, Hawaiian jungles, the movie is basically set in a psychedelic future world and we see the whole damn thing. Visually, Nemesis is stunning. While Olivier drags the film down slightly by his horrendous acting he has some great co-stars (most notable being Tim Thomerson from Trancers). Watching this will definitely make you track down the other three Nemesis sequeals and anything else to come out of Albert Pyun’s genius melon. The film is definitely a cult classic and will not disappoint. Even my girlfriend was sucked in after watching just a few seconds of this apocalyptic, psychedelic masterpiece. Buy it, watch it, love it. IMDB Nemesis HERE Buy Nemesis HERE