Hard To Die (1990)

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As we all know, killer brain movies are a dime a dozen. We’ve all seen brains from outer space descend on a small town and a Rambo type character must swoop in to save the day. What puts “The Brain” in a different category than the hundreds of other killer brain movies is it’s a metaphor for being a teenager and the angst of being misunderstood in a brainwashed society run by television. Stupid parents and all their rules! Oh, it also has a huge fucking brain that eats naked girls! When Tom has caused one too many problems at school, like blowing up the bathroom and gluing his teachers pants to their chairs, he is sent to Dr. Blake’s independent thought hospital. Blake is a respected TV show host and “doctor” who runs a clinic for the depressed and insane. What people don’t know about is the huge human eating brain he does experiments with and uses to control the minds and hallucinations of his patents. Once Tom is omitted he starts having strange and intense hallucinations that cause him to go crazy. Soon the whole town believes he is a murder. With the help of his girlfriend Janet he must uncover Dr. Blake’s conspiracy and show the world he is innocent. Don’t brush this off as another 80’s trash straight to video classic (I mean it IS but don’t just brush it off!) Although the movie is very cheesy with ridiculous gore and horrible acting, the main characters actually hold their own and keep you on board. The plot moves fast and the characters are put through hell. We get some great Freddy-Kruger-esque hallucination sequences and the big brain isn’t just a guy in a suit, it’s HUGE!

(It Grows I Promise!)

The movie is a lot of fun from start to finish. No CGI here, all hand made 80’s effects! A great movie to introduce a youngster to the genre or get a girlfriend on board. The movie isn’t actually “Good” by any means but it’s fun, has boobies and moves quickly. What else can we ask? If you’re looking for a double feature to complement this, try Society! For the Fangoria Review of The Brain and an interview with the special effects artist click HERE IMDB The Brain HERE! Buy The Brain HERE!