How I Fucked Your Mother

Art by TV CAT

Art by TV CAT

I've been thinking a lot about how shitty How I Met Your Mother is recently. At work I’m forced to watch shows like this with laugh tracks by my zombie co-workers and it's so fucking unfunny you find yourself standing there with your jaw dropped like you’re watching old people argue about tattoos on Fox News.

The fact that garbage like this is one of the number one shows in America and the show had an average of 9.42 million viewers just for season 4 blows my mind. I mean I know people are dumb but you can tell even the actors hate their own show. You know $20,000 a week is considered a very low paying position acting on a sitcom? Don’t fool yourself, this is a paycheck for them. Nothing more.

I think the gap between audiences that watch Big Bang Theory instead of The Wire will get bigger and bigger until there are two classes of media junkies. The Smart People and The Dumb People.

At first it will be great. The Smart People will make awesome shit like Breaking Bad or Curb Your Enthusiasm and we can all ignore all The Dumb People channels. But the problem is The Dumb People will have funny shit that The Smart People wanna see. Eventually The Smart People think it's funny and ironic to imitate The Dumb People and The Dumb People will do the Scary Movie Six of Smart People movies until The Smart People are stuck loving The Dumb People shit and then The Dumb People keep making dumb shit until it's all just dumb.