The Last Big Thing (1996)

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What is a “cult film?” To most it’s an underrated film that cultivates a group of fans that enjoy it ironically or embrace it for it’s true genius despite mainstream ignorance. But there’s another type of cult film. The type that makes you want to start a cult. Fight Club, I Heart Huckabees, and Slacker are three that come to mind. These movies have such interesting concepts or philosophies we should literally build cults around them. The Last Big Thing is a “cult film” in the truest form of the word. The film is so interesting and thought provoking it made me want to sacrifice a virgin and drink goats blood. LETS START A CULT! Simon Geist has started a fake magazine in order to interview prominent artists in LA and mock them personally. Simon believes our culture is dying and he might be the last big thing of this century. To call it an art film would be deceiving. At its core, The Last Big Thing is a laugh out loud comedy. But because our main character, Simon, is constantly spouting new theories and revelations into his tape recorder and meeting strange characters in LA, TLBT comes off as some sort of avant-garde, pretentious art piece, but really it’s not. TLBT is about popular culture and how we despise it. It’s about how we judge the world and why. Simon is a reflection on feelings we’ve all felt but can’t quite put it as perfectly as he does. Simon is a sort of Holden Caulfield for the 90’s. When it came out it was cited as "the most important and overlooked indie film of the 90's" by Chris Gore in Film Threat, the film was also called "a distinctly original and brilliant work" by Kevin Thomas in the Los Angeles Times and Justine Elias of the Village Voice[4] went on to say "this furiously original movie could become the Repo Man of the '90s". I love that. Unfortunately Dan Zukovic, who wrote, directed and stared in the film didn’t make another movie for eight years (he was an actor). He showed so much potential through this film it kills me we don't have another 90’s indie movie of his to soak up. This is a film that NEEDS to be tracked down. From beginning to end it’s funny and thought provoking. Also noted as Mark Ruffalo’s film debut, seriously dudes, this one shouldn’t be missed! IMDB The Last Big Thing HERE Buy The Last Big Thing HERE