The Reptilian Conspiracy REVEALED With Reptile Afterbirth


In case you haven't heard, there's a new boss in the rap game. Not only is he the number one spitter from down under, he's also a key figure in the reptile conspiracy. If you aren't already shouting his name, he is REPTILE AFTERBIRTH.


He's been rapping for years in Australia, breaking it down and keeping it real. Recently he's gained world wide acclaim for his youtube videos revealing deep secrets in the ancient reptilian conspiracy. We sat down with Mr. Afterbirth to get the real scoop.

How was the reptilian conspiracy revealed to you?

My uncle used to lock me in a cupboard and play 'reptilian conspiracy' with me after dark but I've since made some resolutions, so this year is gonna be different.

 What is the grand design of the reptilian conspiracy? How does the Reptilian conspiracy affect your daily life?

Bringing in the New World baby, someone's gotta do it. Certain Reptilians were involved with the Fish people from the dog star sirius as well as a variety of other races at various stages, coming together to create and manage humanity. The greys and nordics and mantids(insectoids) etc all play their parts, as do the fourth reich kuiper belt nazi aliens but the reptilian aspect is essentially that the human will never be able to comprehend the grand design, and that is key to the grand design. During certain contact experiences I've had where they sit me down and teach me things, they often will tell me 'go ahead and tell everyone you want about us, no one will believe you'. These are smart creatures. The 'physical' world is made up of tessellated energy snakes which are fed via the plasma realm but that's another story for another time.

Have you had any abduction experiences or witnessed any shapeshifting? 

Not so much shapeshifting but I've definitely made undeniable contact on various occasion. Sometimes it's a little overwhelming or unpleasant. My dream cycles shift and I get involved in sleep paralysis and travel through utopic space into the qliphothic daemonic plasma realms, you know how it is, but it's like when you take the cat to the vet. The cat will complain and fight and freak out and tell everyone it was 'abducted' but whatever man it was for your own good cat, you cant comprehend why the humans had to do that to you.  

Who gave you the name Reptile Afterbirth?

It was when I traveled through hyperspace into one of the Matrix pod style rooms and woke up outside of the meat body program. It's similar to the matrix pods situation, except that we are more like CPUs, or even entire computer systems rather than mere batteries, and the creatures in the pods are all reptilian, for example, I am a crocodile. I awoke briefly as a crocodile when the giant holographic golden glowing eye ominously bellowed 'arise Reptile Afterbirth' so yeah who knows what that was all about. I'm also known as Keung Ufuk or more commonly as Lance Hardcore which is also the name of a male homosexual pornography actor. I am indifferent towards this fact. 

What are you doing to stop them? Or do you have a "can't beat them, join them" attitude? 

Yeah no I joined up a little while ago, initiations, rituals, sacrifices, hard beats, hard rhymes, slick dancers, hip hop baby all the way 2014 baby. Most people who think they are beating them are simply part of the perverse foolish mass that's going to be eliminated shortly. People are so stupid, you have no idea. I joined the reptilians because they engineered my species. They are the superior species and can control the 'limitations' we have been coded with, so it just makes good sense to be pro-reptoid, espeically once Hilary is Earth president. 

 If you were a reptile what kind of human suit would you wear?

It's not so much a human suit as it is more to do with the percentage of balanced Reptilian DNA. Some of my programming is also from the autistic dolphin set so i'm not too fussy about which 'suit' i would wear based on aesthetics, rather I would select based on lastability, get me into a Dick Cheney model or something, he is invincible.

What do you love or hate about Hilary Clinton?

 Hilary is a high level black magick angel with a heart of gold. I've heard rumors that she's a full on baby raper but I don't think that's true I think she just makes a few phone calls here and there if you know what I'm saying, she's cool, she keeps her nose pretty clean. One of the guests on my Reptile Chat Show had some stories involving the Clinton clan back in the Arkansas CIA coke days and a few of his friends have since disappeared so maybe I should stop talking though. Hilary will definitely become Earth President. This is a fact I have been rapping about since my first song uploaded 'Congratulations Hilary, First reptoid earth president' back a couple of years ago. Even recently I was setting some new gear and uploaded a quick demo take of a rap about Hilary being earth president. So far about four people believe me. Obviously though in the future it will be President Chelsea Clinton and Vice President Jenga Bush running the replacement UN after the alleged 'alien events', and if Obama can have a health care plan named after him then I'm looking forward to seeing some Bushcare, cant wait to get a good look at the Clinton Bushcare plan, mmm mmmm. My ultimate all time fantasy of all time is to lovingly ejaculate onto Chelsea Clinton's humongous pearly white teeth while her mouth is open but teeth are closed together and presented upward like a horse who's wearing red lipstick and getting angry at the sun. 

Tell us about far off asian continents.

Japan is pretty racist, also as I understand it, holds the title of 'suicide capitol of the world'.  I've spent time in Thailand and Japan, and I just got back from Taiwan which is kind of like a mix between China, Thailand and Japan. Acacia Confuscia is a common plant in Taiwan, and much like KRS-one, is commonly referred to as 'the teacher'. Possibly unlike KRS-one depending on how far I research this statement, Confuscius is involved. The point is it's chock full of DMT.  Taiwan is cool, lots of temples full of gold dragons and Fish statues. This is some human origins stories shit right here man, the old blood of the dragons and the Sirius dog star geneticists etc, man, anyway, Dragon Mountain Temple, Snake Alley, hell of a place. Also last year in Taiwan, Miss Dantist and I met NBA superstar Jeremy Lin and was in an Adidas promotional video with him to celebrate him having moved to a new basketball team but also away from old sponsor Nike. However, I only appeared briefly at the end due to the fact that I was wearing Nike shoes at the time so had to be edited out. 

How do you spot a reptile? Do you confront it?

One time at the Nimbin Mardigrass I saw a confirmed reptilian at the brekkie shop for sure, you'll know one when you see one but it's more about feeling. That same weekend also saw some UFOs hang about the camping grounds, I video taped it but the file disappeared from my laptop under mysterious circumstances.

Tell us about your Krew.

Reptile Krew yeah they're a loose affiliation of mostly dis-interested parties, and well wishers. a fair percentage of them are degenerate beta criminal drug addicts. You got Miss Dantist a.k.a Dim Sim obviously, dropping her rhymes in 'english' and mandarin, powdering those chickens, because like I always tell her, 'these chickens arent just going to powder themselves' Dim Sim a.k.a Miss Dantist is actually my asian wife, and yes it's true, all the stereotypes are true.. you know what they say about an asian wife... She cooks very nice meals, She gives a great massages, and yes ladies and gentlemen, her penis is tiny. Somehow she can take water and noodles and turn it into a meal so either she's an asian wife or she's spent some time in prison. I really want to be a rich and famous celebrity, but the main problem i'm having is that I'm not young and innocent enough for any old hollywood creep to want to molest me on the casting couch and parasite off of my career anymore.  When I first started rapping back in that Tokyo slum backstreet karaoke bar, I decided I would like to be able to seek counsel from time to time with some business advisor or some such throughout my lengthy and successful rapping/movie star career, so I signed a ten million dollar contract with my quarter jewish friend and manager Dr Harvey Weinstein Jnr (post-food) after a handful of rituals to the moon and all that.  I poured my heart out to my quarter jewish friend and manager, Dr Harvey Weinstein Jnr, and he said 'Listen Lance, you're a 31 year old unemployed degenerate criminal drug addict who lives with his parents, there is NO WAY you will ever make it big in hollywood or music, you should just give up, and possibly also kill yourself as to not drain the welfare system'. Initially I was upset about it but then I thought, 'it's fine, I'll be ok, since when has a jewish guy ever known anything about the entertainment industry'. I try not to talk too much about the jewishness aspects though, it's quite a sensitive topic, I've learned. The Jewish people seem to be quite sensitive about the issue, which is weird because I thought that chopping off the end of the babies dick was supposed to make you less sensitive.

Locally there is Deat, Dozer, RAQ, Metamartyr and DJ AZF who are all top krew, as well as Nat from the clothing lable Tilly Me, she has helped out with the music videos and showed off her designs on Reptile Chat Show, she even sung some vocals on a track. Shoutout to Cashlin from the United States, we did a track together called Weed Fan which was a relative hit, meaning it got maybe three likes on youtube. Also been working with Arkalogic of Destiny Lab so it's good to know someone so deep into the reptoid game, the guy's spent decades rapping about demons and aliens and reptiles and conspiracies and alll that.

What's in store for 2015? 

We might get some 'alien' events going on in the 'news' and that 'people' want to 'talk' 'about', but take it all with some huge big great grains of salt. Just because a voice/spirit/alien/government/whoever is telling you something, doesnt mean you have to buy into it. Releasing a new song soon with Cashlin and Arkalogic, it's called Demonic Deception and it's far better than all that other garbage I've released before. Just finished episode #40 of Reptile Chat show with a New York comedian who is transitioning into the executive producing game.

New album coming out this year called Pride and Predicates. On January 1st I became a freemason but it's not that exciting, the big 'secret' is just that every month they get together and sell each other tupperware and amway products. They only keep it a secret because it's so lame.

I'm working on a new animated series, six episodes long. It's about a guy who does some rapping contract stuff and it involves reptoids and energy snakes, you'll just have to wait and see, but before that appears I will soon release a short animated film of some bible stories i've written which I feel should be fairly benign. It's called Benign Bible Stories so keep an eye out for that. 

I've started dancing in 2015, for the first time ever in my life really, so far I've been told I look both like a nerd and a worm but I prefer to think of myself as the future white Keaira Lashae. I hate it how most any voice on TV is generally really condescending and irritating, but it doesn't matter because in December 2015 we will all be enslaved in Chinese Labour camps making iPhone 7's while they all drive around in fake Mercedes Benzes smoking their jazz cigarettes and then by December 2018 the Earth government will be openly reptilian so good luck everybody.