The Underrated: Miami Blues

Every friday we review a movie we feel is underrated or over looked. Something you need to watch.

At this point the Baldwin Brothers are an unstoppable force. Laugh all you want, these motherfuckers make great movies. Yeah there’s a lot of stinkers along the way but when they hit, watch out! Alec Baldwin is probably the most successful and talented of the four and Miami Blues drives this home. Giving one of the best performance’s of his career to a movie no one talks about. Miami Blues is the under rated film of the 90’s! No joke. Fred Frenger is a one man crime wave. Everywhere he goes he’s picking pockets, mugging or killing. After meeting a beautiful young prostitute, Susie, he pretends to go straight. Unfortunately Sergeant Moseley is hot on his tail. More than a crime film, Miami Blues also works as a character study. Baldwin plays a psychopath convict unlike anyone else. He eats up the screen in every shot. His role is so bizarre you’re not sure if he should get an academy award or fired (I would go with the award). Beyond his amazing character-acting look at these fucking outfits! Although the film centers around Baldwin’s character it is as equally about Susie, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh (yes she gets naked). She is as innocent as innocent gets and is dying for a little love. When Fred comes into her life she knows he’s trouble. Watching the relationship between the two unfold is beautiful in a strange way. They are two opposite forces that need each other. Although it’s stranger than you can imagine there is some truth to the writing and it comes through strong with the talent. Fred Ward can’t go unnoticed either. He plays Sgt. Hoke Moseley the toothless cop (he constantly takes out his dentures) who plays the too old to be a cop bit in a way we’ve never seen and adds depth and personality to the party. Beside the talent of Alec Baldwin and friends the asset to this film that takes it from crime trash to classic is the writing. Miami Blues is one of three movies based on a novel from the famous crime author Charles Willeford. Unfortunately Willeford died right before MB came out. After watching Miami Blues I went straight to Amazon and bought the novel! I recommend you do the same. Over all Miami Blues feels like a mix between Straight Time and True Romance. It’s a fucking classic from beginning to end and a must watch for any film fan. I can’t recommend it enough! [flv: 640 470] IMDB Miami Blues HERE Buy Miami Blues HERE Buy the novel HERE