White People’s Sh*+ Be Stanking!!!

Sarah shat herself, Shane shits himself, Katy shits. White people always act like they sh*+ don’t be stanking! But ooo girl ooo  that shit be stanking, just like a HORSE’S ASS!!! A BIG strong HORSE’S ASS!!! MILES of PILES of SHIT always STANKING up somebody’s lawn, OBAMINATING somebody’s air. Just like that stupid Horse and his ass from gone with the wind (greatest film of all time MY ASS!!!). Shitin’ on folks in STRIDE! And they don’t care. From the Donald DUMBASS Sterlings! to the Paula DUMBASS Deans!

Just like an actual horse walking with their heads in the air enjoying their beautiful view, continuing forward into their beautiful day, but really they walk with their heads so FAR UP there ASSES dropping HOT LOADS of prejudice and HATE in their path, all the while behaving as if they’ve done NOTHING wrong, like they did not just lay loose another HORROR on an unsuspecting public.

“OH! Because THE WHITE SHIT is all RAW! ORGANIC, NO PRESERVATIVES!!! OH! Because it’s just GRASS that comes out a horse’s ASS!!! It aint hurtin nobody!”

The FACT is this shit is a MEGA TURD a BIG BALL of shit full of LIES and DISEASE just annihilating the atmosphere providing a putrid FUNK that has lasted and will have lasted for many a generation to come. This WHITE shit is shit smeared on the bus stop right next to your head, and you don’t know where it’s coming from. This shit is an old man who passes gas in the wind cocksure it’s doing no harm to the little children playing in the immediate area, or in his condo where he invites people back for WHISKEY and crumpets! This white shit is a DRAGON, an OLD BITCH who still has a period and refuses to WIPE her ASS for the rest of her short life.


White people always act like the shit they do to get forward in LIFE affects no one else negatively. White people need to stop and TAKE A look back at LOADS they DROP in the streets! On all the other lives they subordinate (SHIT ON!) to get theirs forward. White people need to acknowledge their “WHITE PRIVILEGE” and start going to the back of the lines which they were born at the front of.

“Oh I know I’m not racist, I work hard for everything I got, I’m just trying to do my job.”

But what are your jobs really WHITE PEOPLE? How’d you even get a job? I tell you it is not just to protect and feed your family and to try and prosper by any means necessary. You have another obligation, an OBLIGATION to carry the fallen races on your backs, which are of the strongest of all the backs, on the way to your successes. YES, right along with you. You are obligated to take on this, a greater cause, as you are the only ones who can fix today, end this HORSESHIT PILE of SHIT, and let America be America again, let it be the DREAM it was supposed to be.