Body Melt (1993)

As you can probably guess, Body Melt is not for the ladies (unless shes a bad ass!). No, this is an over the top, gross-out snotfest of blood, guts, sperm and sweat. Something that the ladies will never understand. This is a film for the drunk, for the high, FOR THE INTELLECTUAL! So strap on your goggles and let’s get to work. In the small cul-de-sac of Pebbles Court, Homesville, residents are being experimented on by a new drug company. Unfortunately the untested drug has some severe side affects. This is story of the human body and all the ways it can melt, explode or liquefy. The residents of Homesville each are strange characters with their own story’s to tell as people and as bodies. In an interview the Philip Brophy, the director, states, “What I’m after is for the audience to really feel like it’s their own body on the screen. That’s why, although we didn’t really go for realism, we also didn’t go for a totally over the top, theatrical, fake, highly stylized approach either. The bottom line was always the question of how someone in the audience was going to respond to an image of the body doing something. And that was the center, the focus of every transformation scene.” Being from Austraila, it is obvious the Brophy was greatly influenced by gems like Bad Taste and Braindead. Body Melt is strictly for the gore. This is both what saves the film and damns it. While Body Melt has some of the most entertaining and disgusting special effects you can find it also has no central characters. If anything your own body is the central character. It is instead a collection of a dozen entertaining and wonderful cast members that move the film around in a freak show manner instead of a story line. While this is entertaining for you and your friends to get drunk to at a party, it makes for a less than enthralling solo adventure. Body Melt really is an unfortunate case. The film is so beautiful and has so many interesting elements it hurts to watch. With just the simplest of changes, if we could have followed any one of the interesting characters in the film, I believe Body Melt would have been a huge cult hit. But because of the lack of narrative it will forever fall into the more social deviant movie watchers hands. In the end Body Melt was Philip Brophy’s first and last full feature film. It’s too bad too, with the right script Brophy would surly have been a fantastic director. I did love watching the film and with the right friends Body Melt could become a favorite. It’s not quite Street Trash but it holds it’s own as a freak fest worth watching! IMDB Body Melt HERE Buy Body Melt HERE Found an AWESOME four page Body Melt feature in an old Fangoria! Check it HERE!