Drug Slang for the Week of August 20-26

Each week, Rocko D. writes into Kill Pretty to let the audience know about the newest slang for buying, taking, and dealing drugs. While we at Kill Pretty don’t condone Rocko D.’s lifestyle, we do appreciate the space he fills on our site, and his desire to keep you - our customers - safe.


Sunday, Aug 20: Wabo – This is what we’re calling Molly today, deal with it.

Monday, Aug 21: Take a belly flop – If you’ll be spending the day taking Adderal and cleaning your apartment you should say that you’re going to “take a belly flop.” If anyone asks you to go “belly flopping” they’re a cop.

Tuesday, Aug 22: Farming – If you’re tired of smoking cancer medication and feel like smoking dirt weed just tell someone that you’re “farming” and they’ll take care of you.

Wednesday, Aug 23:  Put the tile up – a phrase that tells everyone that you’re looking for at least 5 bars, but no more than 7.

Thursday, Aug 24: Monster Mash – What you should say if you’re looking to snort crystal mixed with baby laxative in a cemetery.

Friday, Aug 25: They blocked the fire escape – When your favorite dealer is out of their specific fun time, happy, oh yeah pill; you know the one.

Saturday, Aug 26: Adult Daycare – When you’re so high that you need to hire a babysitter.