Drug Slang for the Week of June 11 - 17

Each week, Rocko D. writes into Kill Pretty to let the audience know about the newest slang for buying, taking, and dealing drugs. While we at Kill Pretty don’t condone Rocko D.’s lifestyle, we do appreciate the space he fills on our site, and his desire to keep you - our customers - safe.


Sunday, June 11: “You gonna finish that burger?” - Do you have any extra drugs that I may have for free?

Monday, June 12: “How are the grasshoppers?” - Are the drugs good tonight?

Tuesday, June 13: “Is daddy in bad mood?” - I heard that the drugs were particularly harsh today, is that true?

Wednesday, June 14: “Which skateboard are you gellin’?” - Out of all the drugs available tonight, which are your favorites?

Thursday, June 15: “How many gum drops can you eat?” - The drugs are plentiful tonight, how many will you take?

Friday, June 16: “Fill up my X-Box.” - Please give me all the drugs.

Saturday, June 17: “Clean the glass table, it’s smudged.” - Get rid of anything incriminating that you may have, I heard a rumor that there was an undercover cop in the area.