The Peacock King - A Lesson in Horror-Fu


The Kung-Fu genre seems to be a popular fad amongst movie nerds and hip hop heads. Wu-Tang and Quinton Tarintino made it popular in the 90’s which was a perfect time for a young teenage me to want to jump on board. Unfortunately, I found a lot of Kung-Fu movies to be filled with too much talking or action scenes that amounted to fancy dancing. Yes, there are some mind blowing kung-fu movies, but much like 90’s comedy there’s a lot of crap to slog through.

Recently I’ve found a new genre that are kung-fu movies with horror elements. I’m gonna call them Horror-Fu. It’s a kung-fu movie that also features crazy ass monsters and weird claymation. Often times there so much awesome stuff there’s no time for the boring parts. So this is a movie review in a series I’m calling the Horror-Fu Reviews!


When the four holes to Hell open up and Hell King is all pissed off and ready to fuck some shit up, who do you call? Two horny monks that have been training their whole lives! Yep, you heard me right, the Hell King is coming back to earth and we gotta stop him!


Honestly I’m surprised movies like Peacock King aren’t more well known. From the very beginning there’s the hell virgin who explodes out of an egg with fire eyes. There’s a monk stepping over little claymation monsters and there’s a legend that will end humanity! Fuck Indiana Jones, YEAH I SAID IT!


There’s so much zainy horror-fu weirdness it’s hard to look away. These two monks (one of them Mr. Peacock) are trying to stop the hell king and every step along the way is weirder than the next. One of my favorite moments is when one of the monks grabs a ghost behind a womans ear that turns into a rad little claymation monster. He claims it’s a “womanizing ghost” that’s been living on her for years and how they know, by that metric, that Hell King is close!


Peacock King is directed by no other than Ngai Choi Lam who directed the one and only Riki-Oh! Everyone's favorite action-weirdo masterpiece. He also made The Cat, The Seventh Curse and Erotic Ghost Story so expect a lot more from him in this series of reviews!


The best part of this movie comes close to the end where they have to battle the evil demon bitch that’s protecting the Hell King and opening the holes. She transforms and turns into one of my new favorite movie monsters of all time. I’d describe it but why don’t you just check out these fucking photos!


Yeah. It’s that good. Perfect date movie. Peacock King has all the kung-fu you’d ever want with some incredible creature effects lurking around every corner. Thus making this the perfect Horror-Fu film!