Xtro - Alien Erotica for only the Kinkiest


When you’re a 13 year old horror fan everything kind of runs together. You have nothing but time and an endless history of horror to consume. I remember whole years where I watched a movie or two every single day. 90% were horror. Yes it did affect me and no I don’t want to talk about it. The point is, through this endless stream of murder certain movies graze the surface and can actually fuck with your head. It’s rare, but they do. Xtro is a sick enough type of movie to just do that. It has claws in all the right places. So if you’re into being molested by a movie, by all means, read on!


Tony is a little boy whose father was abducted by aliens right before his eyes. Three years later Sam, Tony’s father, “returns” to Sam by crash landing back on earth as a disgusting Hellraiser goop that impregnates a woman and then explodes out of her. This starts a series of ultra-disgusting HR Giger level nastiness that keeps horror fans entertained and everyone else gripping the barf bag. As Sam tries to wiggle his way back into his wife and son’s family life things starting going very wrong. Tony has new psychic powers to turn his toys into killing machines, his best friend is a psychotic midget clown and Sam has an urge to lay alien eggs all over the house!


Xtro is just fucking mental. One of my favorite parts is when the little boy turns his toy clown into a human midget clown/ghostman that follows him around and does evil shit. This isn’t just one scene, this goes on and on for half the movie. Plot development, back to the clown, character development, back to the clown, love interest, back to the clown. It’s almost like they shot so much nasty stuff they forgot to shoot the movie...or maybe they were fulfilling some sort of very specific clown fetish?


The monster design, while rudimentary, comes off really creepy. I guess you could say that about the whole film. Watching it now, as an adult, it seems to be some sort of weird metaphor for child abuse. I’m not sure if this was intended or if the director was just working out some personal demons while he shot it. He says publicly he didn’t intend for it to be so creepy but when you ask the father character to suck on the sons neck like a dick, you got to ask yourself, “Does the world need to see this?” Probably not.


Xtro will always be remembered by horror fans for how sick and confusing it is. For the gross out nature of the monsters and the creepy feeling you get watching it. I’m not sure how healthy it is to consume media like this, but we ain't in it for the vitamins!