Director Lee Kronin Told Us What’s In The Hole In The Ground

From the moment that The Hole in the Ground premiered at Sundance in 2019 audiences have been dying to know just what’s in that hole in the ground. I caught up with Irish director Lee Kronin and asked him point blank, “What’s in the hole in the ground?” His answers might shock you.

1. Concerning The Hole In The Ground And The Things Inside

“It’s not just one thing that’s in the hole in the ground,” Kronin told me as I chased him down the street. “There are a lot of things in the hole because it’s really big, like bigger than a normal hole I guess.” When I asked if the hole was bigger than the Grand Canyon he responded, “I guess? Yeah. Definitely. You see, the Grand Canyon is a canyon and my movie is about a hole. And the hole is really big.”

2. There Might Be A Desk In The Hole

When I pushed Kronin to describe the things inside the hole he sped up, but I’ve been working out recently so I caught up with him and tripped him with a stick. “I guess there could be a desk in the hole. And an entire room that holds the desk, sort of a den I suppose, but also there’s a pile of dead crows in the room because this is a horror movie and I feel like dead crows are inherently scary specifically because they’re dead. The help get the concept across that this isn’t just a normal movie about a hole in the ground, this is a scary movie about a hole in the ground.”

3. You Can Get A Burrito In The Hole In The Ground

Unsatisfied with the lack of answers I was getting about the contents of the hole in the ground, I began spraying Kronin with a Super Soaker until he gave me more hole in the ground based facts. “Something that’s in the hole in the ground that I haven’t told anyone about, not even my actors, is the Taco Bell Cantina that just opened. It’s one of the few Taco Bells in the world where you can get a Coronarita while munching on a Chili Cheese Slop Sombrero. And it’s the only Taco Bell Cantina that’s in a hole in the ground.

4. A Whole Lot Of Dough In The Hole In The Ground

I toweled Kronin off and whispered in his ear to keep telling me about the things that are in the hole in the ground, and that’s exactly what he did. “I’ve recently discovered that there’s a pile of loose nickels in the hole in the ground. No matter how many I harvest there always seems to be more. I’m hoping to bring many of the nickels along for my next trip to America.”

5. More Holes In The Ground?

I’d grown close to Mr. Kronin in our time during the interview, so close that I didn’t see it coming when he stabbed me in the leg with his house keys before kicking me in the face. As he ran down the street towards a waiting limousine he shouted, “The most interesting thing about the hole in the ground is that there’s another hole inside the hole! that I’m hoping to explore in a further series of hole-based films.” Kronin slid through the moon roof as the limo sped away. I curled up in a pool of my own blood and listened back to the interview on my Talkboy cassette recorder. One day I hope to see this hole in the ground.